First project of KUTTNER SAVELLI in Russia

  • Customer : JSC Sibelektromotor
  • Project started : 09.01.2008
First project of KUTTNER SAVELLI in Russia

09.01.2008 the first automatic molding line KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) was put in operation in Russia at JSC Sibelektromotor (Tomsk) for the production of cast iron castings (pump housing, gear housing, electric motor housing). The size of flasks at the line is 1000x800x400 / 400 mm, output of the line is 100 full moulds per hour. The moulding method - the method of double mould squeezing FormImpress - provides the production of an automatic molding line of consistently high quality. The line was delivered with sand preparation plant for 120 tons per hour. The delivery also includes a knocked out grille, a dust removal unit. AFL works fully automatically. The equipment is complete with mixture quality control system SANDCONTROL and humidity control system AQUATEST.

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