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KUTTNER SAVELLI Open House Day in Moscow

KUTTNER SAVELLI Open House Day in Moscow
Published : 09.11.2016 08:00

November 09, 2016 during the "Metal-Expo 2016" held in Moscow, the company KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) held an "open hose day". Representatives of the "Russian Foundry Association", Technical Institutes and Foundries were invited to the event. The event was attended by the president of the "Russian Foundry Association": Dibrov I.A., Director of the Department "Foundry" of the Ministry of Industry of Ukraine S.I. Klimenko, Director of CJSC "Litaform" A. Volkomich together with representatives of leading Russian foundries.

The official presentation was prepared by Francesco Savelli, President and CEO of KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy).

KUTTNER SAVELLI Open House Day in Moscow
KUTTNER SAVELLI Open House Day in Moscow

The KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) company is under the management and coordination of the Holding “Küttner Holding GmbH; Co. KG” (Essen, Germany), which guarantees technological and financial sustainability.

“Küttner Holding GmbH” is a German world leader with over 60 years of experience and knowledge in the field of metallurgical production.

Having joined at Küttner Holding GmbH, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy)wants to become a new very flexible reality, but with great skills in designing and installing equipment according to special customer specifications and high-performance foundry machines that use the ASG process and which produce cast iron, steel and aluminum casting. In particular, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) is present on the world market through the large Küttner platforms as a supplier of horizontal molding molding lines and mixing plants.

Thanks to the excellent design skills of Küttner and its global platforms, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) is able to offer new processes and new high-tech solutions.

Thanks to the extensive equipment portfolio, KÜTTNER and KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) together have the opportunity to build a "turnkey" foundry.

In 2015, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) already received orders from Russia (RUSAL), South Korea (Hyundai WIA) and Poland (WSK Rzeszów) for the development and supply of a new generation of green sand molding lines and equipment for green sand technology.

For RUSAL, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) is commissioning a new fully automatic molding line with a flask size of 1,500x1,300x (400/400) mm, 25-40 molds per hour, with a 75 ton/hour sand preparation plant.

KUTTNER SAVELLI Open House Day in Moscow

For “Hyundai WIA”, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) increases production of the existing molding line with flask size 900x700x (200/200) mm, 138 molds per hour, for the production of brake discs.

For “WSK Rzeszów”, KUTTNER SAVELLI (Italy) is commissioning a new molding line of 1.400x965x (400/400) mm, 60 molds per hour, which will be installed to replace the molding equipment “Heinrich Wagner SINTO”, and a sand preparation system, including mixer and cooler. This new line will produce heavy and massive castings of ductile iron for industrial and agricultural machines.

KUTTNER SAVELLI Open House Day in Moscow